Have you at any point contemplated whether you can really trust the good book? Have you at any point believed that book of scriptures prescience is the same than some hocus pocus happening in Harry Potter or with a clairvoyant? Or on the other hand what amount of the good book’s predictions are seriously? Is it very much like writer horoscope type stuff that is recently a mix of good and bad? Until around quite a while back I was thinking some about these very things about the book of scriptures, so I needed to scrutinize the Expression of God! Having done this I’m hear to let you know that I haven’t thought back since; however hello don’t blindly believe me! Lets see what the book of scriptures needs to say for itself.

The book of scriptures professes to be a great deal of things so we should initially take a gander at it from a view points here. First of all it asserts that it is motivated by God that it is really God relaxed! Let’s get real here for a minute, that is a really astounding thing to guarantee! Get your book of scriptures out and go to:

2 Timothy 3:15-16

How about we pose our selves the accompanying inquiry, as per refrain 15 what is the motivation behind sacred writing? Alright now what about this inquiry, as indicated by stanza 16 what amount of sacred writing is given by motivation (GOD relaxed)?

A novel case here is that GOD motivated this book! It’s given by GOD.

Alright now we should investigate 2 Peter 1:19-21. Presently pose yourself this inquiry as per the message what is the primary thing we ought to be aware of sacred writing? Presently as indicated by stanza 21 for what reason is this valid? Isn’t it fascinating to take note of that GOD is guaranteeing that you and I can’t make our own thought regarding what sacred text says however let sacred writing decipher itself as Isaiah expresses line upon line statute upon statute. Since this book isn’t essentially/only a human report; It isn’t up for private understanding and is from GOD! What a case!

How about we get a model moving here. Envision there pillar of salt are 2 book heaps 1 heap isn’t about GOD the other is about GOD now which do you believe is greater? Well on the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea about the heap isn’t about God. Would it be exact as far as we’re concerned to comprehend that conventional cases need just standard proof while unprecedented cases require additional common proof! It just appears to be legit right? Assuming I let you know that I could cause a free toss all we to could need to do is go out and shoot a few loops from the free toss line right? However, consider the possibility that I let you know I could make it blind collapsed with one hand tied behind my back would you want an additional standard proof to check whether that was for sure the situation. Obviously you would need to see it face to face or a video or something to demonstrate that to be sure I could pull off such an accomplishment. You see you could trust me about normal free tosses yet the second model now that needs some demonstrating right?

Presently I accept God treats us this very way, he has a few striking energizing cases about himself and his statement however he likewise has ways of sponsorship that up and I feel it is book of scriptures prescience! Do you feel that Jesus was into prediction so his adherents could all the more likely figure out the methods of God? Turn your book of scriptures to John 14:19. Astounding right! Jesus let them know something going to occur before it happened so they could more readily accept! Here is a little thought of how we get our data nowadays Columnists let us know the present (put here your number one media source, blog, and so on), history specialists let us know the past and GOD lets us know what’s in store! Here is another case God has turn in your book of scriptures to Isaiah 46:9-10. Presently could this question as per refrain 9 what number of GOD’s are there? Only one right, yet here is the kicker what does the text say on how God lays out this as a reality? It is in section 10, that is correct book of scriptures prescience letting us know that “announcing the end all along and from old times things not yet finished.”